It may be obvious that I have been neglecting my writing lately. For a while I tried to pretend that it wasn’t true, that I was just slowing down a little. But the fact that I haven’t written anything substantial in more than 6 months can’t really be argued with. There are a lot of reasons (excuses?), but the main on is that I’ve been busy. Most of my free time has been used up with another project for the better part of a year, and I’m determined to make sure that writing doesn’t feel like an obligation. I like writing. I want to write more. But any time that I would sit down to write simply because I hadn’t for a while, I took the cue to do something else. More on that later. Right now, I’m going to take a quick look at what’s been distracting me lately. Warning for anyone looking for writing or sci-fi: you won’t find it here today. Many apologies.

Since last spring, I’ve been working with a partner to build a SaaS application, and it’s finally ready for the public. I say “finally” because we had hoped to release it sooner, but we’re extreme sticklers for quality and refused to release anything we weren’t 100% proud of. So, at long last, here is DAVINCHEY.

DAVINCHEY is a very powerful tool built for managing and sharing resources within a team. That sounds vague, and the reason is that it’s extremely customizable. But you could think of it like a reservation system for anything that your team needs to coordinate. In some past jobs I’ve held, these would probably be things like expensive lab equipment, servers, shared computers, or shared licenses. It’s a single place to manage all of those assets, find out who has them at any given time, and reserve them for yourself. It also stores any amount of data about them that you need in a centralized database. It sounds a little dry, but it’s incredibly useful (not to mention valuable).

In addition to that, it has very advanced features for building into other IT systems or automated tests. There is an API that allows any computer to check the reservation schedule, reserve things, query for data, or anything else that a person could do through the app. I’m not going to go into many more details here, because it’s not really what I intend for this site. If you’re interested, I can help answer questions. We’re also offering a free trial to anyone that wants to see what it’s all about. And lastly, I’ll be doing periodic posts on our company site about some of the more interesting uses that this application can provide here.

</shameless plug>