About Carl

Whether by chance or design, you have found your way to my blog. There are only a couple of vague guiding principles here.

First, this is primarily about writing. Most of what I do here is short fiction, though the occasional commentary or remark on something from me personally may peek out from the shadows.  I also have some larger projects that I’m developing, and if I think a teaser from them would make a good standalone addition here, it could appear as well. The heart of it is this: I’m writing here to explore ideas and to entertain. Anything that furthers those two is probably fair game.

The second guiding principle is that most of the content will have some relation to science fiction. For both reading and writing (and viewing and listening and discussing and dreaming), Sci Fi is by far my favorite genre. Asimov’s Science Fiction said it quite well: “All fiction is written to examine or illuminate some aspect of human existence, but in science fiction the backdrop you work against is the size of the Universe.”

My personal favorites are those stories which are deep, compelling, and just on the edge of plausibility. For the brief time that I get to live inside that story’s world, I want it to seem strangely possible. Jurassic Park was a fantastic read for this reason, or even Contact. Those are very different books, but ultimately they left it to me and asked, “Why not?” And I love it when I don’t have an answer.

So, that is what I am trying to accomplish here, and I reserve the right to break any of my rules that I see fit. If you came here looking for information about me personally, then I hope you are satisfied to know that I live in Colorado with my wonderful wife, Julie, our two dogs, Zak and Petey, and our cat Pi. I’m an engineer by day, though the title is disputed by some who don’t consider “Software” to be engineering.

Thanks for reading, and feel free let me know what you think, good or bad.