Month: November 2013

Playing the Long Game – Self Publishing Options

Continuing in a series on the adventure of self-publishing, it’s time to discuss a bit of strategy. If you are going to follow the “indie” path of publishing (though lately I find the word “indie” to be somewhat overused, and subsequently watered-down), the most important step will be to embrace it. It will be a very different journey than traditional publishing, and quite frankly, that’s good. You chose to publish yourself because you wanted those differences, right? Good.

Before getting into the choices to be made, there’s some background to explore that will put things in context. In doing my proper diligence (as all independent writers must be willing to do), I came across a well-written post by Kristine Kathryn Rusch about some of the key differences between traditional and independent publishing. I won’t try to restate her points in detail, however there are a few key points that stand out to me. I fully agree, as discussed previously, that neither traditional nor independent publishing is downright superior. Each presents its own benefits, and for this particular piece that I’m preparing self-publishing makes the most sense. For me, in particular. That’s the most important part, that I as the writer am happy with the choice. But once that choice is made, it implies a very different strategy. If you try to follow advice for the other side of the camp, you may find yourself with poorer results than you deserve. Continue reading